Growing Minds Play School is focused on providing a fun, nurturing and curiosity-driven environment where children develop a love for learning in a safe and caring environment.


We envision developing a future generation of leaders who have developed integrity and exceptional core values.


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Our Playschool


At Growing Minds Play School we focus on;

  • Helping children handle change effectively and developing resilience

  • Facilitating children’s imaginative play

  • Giving children the opportunity of uninterrupted play-based learning

  • Using positive guidance techniques

  • Meeting children’s individual needs

  • Giving children a variety of experiences appropriate for their particular stage of development

  • Creating challenging situations to promote growth for each child

  • The curriculum encourages children to become involved, enabling them to pursue interests and at the same time build on needs and challenge their strengths. 

  • We have a deep commitment to complementing the parent child relationship and maintaining a caring and responsible value system.

  • In a safe, clean and interesting environment, we encourage children’s curiosity, creativity, confidence, independence, discovery and co-operation.

  • Genuine love and interest in the children and their individual journeys

School Hours:

Full Day Mon - Fri: 7am – 5pm

Half Day Mon - Fri: 7am – 12:30pm

Aftercare: Mon - Fri: 12:30pm – 5pm


Our busy day is balanced to provide for indoor / outdoor learning experiences, quiet / active time, individual / small group / large group time and being flexible enough to allow for spontaneity and the unexpected.


Weekly themes are taught which include a variety of activities:

•Playing with puzzles, games and educational toys 

•Formal and informal discussions – theme discussion, counting, weather, news, story time, nursery rhymes, poems etc.

•Music and movement – gross motor activities

•Fine Motor Skills: tracing / writing, threading, cutting, play dough, lego building, peg boards etc.

•Body image drawings, painting using different painting techniques

•Sensory play and messy play. Sand, water and tactile play

•Creative art using many different mediums

•Free play and fantasy play




At Growing Minds Play School we have a healthy eating policy where we provide healthy, balanced meals including breakfast and lunch for our growing and inquisitive little learners. Our healthy eating policy encourages parents to send only healthy and nutritious snacks to school. Growing Minds recognises the importance of healthy eating in order for children to learn and develop to the best of their ability. 

We believe a healthy diet and plenty of fun outdoor physical activities can stabilize energy, sharpen the mind and improve the overall mood of children, which then allows them to maximize their potential inside and outside of school.

Meet the incredible Growing Minds Team. Together we support and respect each other, sharing our ideas and knowledge and work to achieve common goals.
Owner - Tracey


Owning a successful Play School was always my calling in life. Growing Minds Play School continues to grow from strength to strength with every new year. Through play, children learn and grow. They make connections and build relationships, develop independence and find a sense of success. At Growing Minds Play School, we cherish the unique and exceptional way your child has been created - their gifts, character and potential. To prepare our children for the future, we need to provide them with the opportunities to develop the generic skills that are needed for them to become lifelong learners. Apart from knowledge, our children need to develop their skills to acquire, construct and communicate knowledge. They should also be able to collaborate with others, be ready to listen and be creative in their thinking. Most of all, at this early stage of development, a positive view of themselves as learners is the most important benefit we can inculcate in our children.



With over twenty years of teaching experience, seven of which were spent in a Principal role, I can honestly say that education and providing the very best care to children is my passion.  As Principal of Growing Minds Play School I bring to the table a wealth of wisdom and skills to assist my team in providing exceptional education in a loving environment where children blossom. I place my full focus daily on providing love, attention and care in everything I do at the school to ensure that your precious children are cared for and receive the very best education any parent could ask for.  My vision for Growing Minds Play School is to ensure that our team work together in providing nurturing and exceptional lessons not only in the educational field but also in providing good sound moral values that will last a lifetime.


Principal Linda


Linda - Little Lambs
Jess - Happy Hippos
Sarah - Terrific Tigers
Casey - Clever Caterpillars
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Our Amazing Assistants

"Jordy was a part of Growing Minds for a year and a half. He grew in leaps and bounds in that time. The love that Aunty Danya and Aunty Maureen showed was homely. Tracey runs tight ship and that comes through in her teachers and right down to the kiddies. Manners are instilled and a good routine is kept. Thank you Tracey and staff for the best start for our Jordy."

 ~ Mandy Dragt ~


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