2 Years - 3 Years

Daily Routine

07h00 –08h00:Arrival at main gate, Indoor Activity

08h00 –08h15:Tidy Up and Washing Hands

08h15 –08h30:Breakfast

08h30 –08h45:Wash hands and toilet routine

08h45 –09h15:Morning ring

09h15 –09h30:Nappy Changing and Outside play (gross motor)

09h30 –09h45:Wash Hands

09h45 –10h00:Snack Time

10h00 –10h15:Temp check, wash hands and toilet routine

10h15 –10h45:Activity time (art, fine motor)

10h45 –11h30:Outside play

11h00 :Nappy changing time and story time

11h30 –11h45:Wash Hands and get ready for sleep time

Half day learners to go home

11h45 –12h15: Lunch Time, wash hands, temp check, sleep time

12h15 –12h30:Sleep time

14h00 :Changing nappy time

14h45 –15h00:Wash hands and snack

15h00 –15h15:Wash hands and temp check

15h15 - 15h30: Afternoon snack

15h30 - 17h00: Aftercare free play

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