4 Years  - 5 Years

Daily Routine

07h00 –07h50:Arrival, Indoor Free Play

07h50 –08h00:Tidy Up Time and Washing Hands

08h00 –08h30:Warm breakfast and Toilet Routine

08h30 –09h00:Ring time –Weather, News, Register, Theme Discussion, Music, Movement

09h00 –09h30:Fine Motor Activity and / or Creative Activity

09h30 –10h00:Outdoor Free Play 

10h00 –10h15:Washing Hands and Toilet Routine

10h15 –10h30:Snack Time

10h30 –11h00:Outdoor Free Play –Sensory Play 

11h00 –11h10:Washing Hands and Toilet Routine

11h10 –11h40:Literacy / Numeracy

11h40 –11h45:Washing Hands

11h45 –12h00: Lunch Time and Story Time

12h00 –12h15:Toilet Routine / Changing for Home Time (Half Day Learners)

12h15 –12h30:Prepare for Sleep Time

12h30 –14h00:Sleep Time

14h00 –17h00:Aftercare

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